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Presenter Registration

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the HaSTA Annual Conference!

Before filling out the presenter registration form, please read our presenter guidelines below. The form is below the guidelines.

The application deadline for the 2015 Conference is August 20, 2015.

Presenter Guidelines
  • Select one presenter as a primary contact. However, all presenters must be HaSTA members–please join HERE if not. Also, all presenters must be registered for the conference–register HERE.
  • We strongly encourage presentations given by/featuring classroom teachers.
  • There are four types of presentations:
 Presentation Type  Description
 Workshop Presentation  In this one-hour session, presenters will share/model a lesson or lessons. Participants should be engaged in the learning process! Presentations should provide practical ideas and strategies for classroom teachers, highlighting content, pedagogy, "tips and tricks," classroom management, assessment, and safety.
 Make-and-take In this one-hour session, participants will build something to take home with them. This could be a model, a piece of demonstration equipment, a piece of art created by using science, or more. Presentations should focus on building and creating, while also highlighting how the product can be used and the science content it is related to. Please note that HaSTA does NOT reimburse for make-and-take supplies.
 Lesson Share Be part of a one-hour session with several other presenters. In this session, each presenter will bring a mini-demo and copy of a lesson–like a science fair for teachers! Participants can come and go between presenters. The conference organizers will group lessons in to like themes. 
 Info Session  In this one-hour session, presenters will share information about a project, program, or experience. 
  • Please be aware that, based on your abstract, the conference organizers may ask you to reclassify your presentation. For example, an info session may fit better as an exhibitor's table. Not all applications may be accepted.
  • In keeping with this year's conference theme, please choose at least one and up to two scientific and engineering practices that fit your presentation. If you are unfamiliar with these practices, or just want more info, check out this article by Richard Bybee from NSTA. 


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