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HaSTA Awards

Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair

To be updated... stay in tune! Mahalo.

Congrats to our 2013 winners!

Junior Division–Moloka‘i Middle School
  • Student–Lily J. "Effects of Non-Native Water Lettuce (Pistia Stratiotes) in Man-Made Canal at Puko‘o Pond, Molokai, Hawaii"
  • Teacher–Scott Hemenway
Senior Division–Moanalua High School
  • Student–Abraham K.  "Effects of Different Growing Media in Aquaponics"
  • Teacher–Kathy Lin
Teaching Awards

Each year HaSTA recognizes its members for their dedication to and excellence in teaching. Teachers can be nominated in one of the following four categories:
  • HaSTA Elementary Einstein (elementary school science teacher)
  • HaSTA Secondary Supernova (secondary science teacher)
  • HaSTA Lehua no Ka'ala (Outstanding career science educator, formal or non-formal PreK-college)
  • HaSTA Ka Liko Lehua (outstanding teacher in his/her first three years of science teaching career)

Please consider honoring one of your colleagues or mentors by nominating them for one of these awards.

Your brief nomination paragraph should reference how you feel the teacher has contributed to HaSTA's mission. HaSTA's mission can be found on the form as well as HaSTA's website.

 To fill out the nomination form, click HERE.



2015 Awardees  


  • Lani Alo-Chu, HaSTA Elementary Einstein
  • Doreen Elliot & Elizabeth Obod Frilles, HaSTA Secondary Supernova
  • Art Kimura, HaSTA Lehua no Ka'ala
  • Michael Cahill, HaSTA Ka Liko Lehua 


2014 Awardees
  • Kim Strong, HaSTA Elementary Einstein
  • Jennifer Kuwahara, HaSTA Secondary Supernova
  • Pauline Higa, HaSTA Lehua no Ka'ala
  • Phillip Gilsdorf, HaSTA Ka Liko Lehua
2013 Awardees
  • Ronda Baker, HaSTA Elementary Einstein
  • Randyll Warehime, HaSTA Secondary Supernova
  • Barbara Rogers, HaSTA Lehua no Ka'ala
  • Ryan Kagami, HaSTA Ka Liko Lehua
2012 Awardees
  • Hope Espinda, HaSTA Elementary Einstein
  • Franklin Allaire, HaSTA Secondary Supernova
  • Fred Nakaguma, HaSTA Lehua no Ka'ala
  • Alia Thompson, HaSTA Ka Liko Lehua


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