The Hawai‘i Science Teaching Association is dedicated to science education in Hawai‘i.  We invite all science educators and supporters of science education to join us in advancing our mission of promoting science and science education.  We have three primary means of sharing and communicating: our annual Fall Conference, our listserve, and this website.  Please explore this website to learn more about our organization and available resources.

Welcome to 2021!

My name is Susie Wendland-Gardner and I am the current president of the Hawaii Science Teaching Association (HaSTA).  I come from the informal science education world, having started my career as an interpreter at the Edge of the Reef exhibit at the Waikiki Aquarium in 1988.  I have loved teaching science ever since, including many years at the Honolulu Zoo.  These days I am enjoying teaching 8th grade science at Waialua High and Intermediate.

HaSTA and all of you have motivated me for many years, thank you! This past year has been very difficult and there will be plenty of challenges in 2021.  Together with the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA), I believe we can keep moving forward. In the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson: “If you’re scientifically literate, the world looks very different to you, and that understanding empowers you”

Mahalo for continuing to teach and empower despite the challenges!   

Aloha, Susie

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